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Finding My Voice

Opening Pandora's box tonight to annihilate what lives inside.  A lifetime without a voice.  Overlooked.  Unheard.  Unworthy.  And I created every bit of it.  From a fetus in the womb somersaulting to wrap the cord around my neck and pull.  To a 45 year old woman trying to be seen by the ones she held closest while hiding behind a smile.  A mime behind a self created pane of glass that I could have simply walked through anytime but didn't.  Because I couldn't see it.  Stuck in a self created, self defeating victim program so I wouldn't have to admit who I really AM.  Avoiding the responsibility of being infinite.  Of knowing what I always knew but held my hands over my ears and eyes and mouth in denial.  I see it now.  It's all my creation.  My doing.  My undoing.  And now I uncreate it.  I blow the fucking top off the box I placed myself in.  I watch it burn and the ash drift away in the wind.  It was nothing but a prop.  A prop I no longer need because I see me.  A creator.  An infinite being larger than anyone can comprehend.  I emanate fire and light.  And love.  So potent I change the world around me.  Effortlessly.  Because it's not what I do.  Or what I say.  It's simply who I AM.  And I love that, now.  There's nothing outside of that that matters.

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