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Journeying to the Great Beyond 03/31/21

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

While every moment of my metaphysical training and development has been humbling, enlightening and amazing, the four months I've spent learning to conduct Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique sessions has given me more insight into the human experience than my forty-four years of experience being human. Each and every person I've worked with in these sessions has had a completely different life experience, traumas, successes, (perceived) failures, great loves, grave separations. Some wear the guilt of minute past sins like an albatross. Most struggle to celebrate themselves for how far they've come. And I realize that I've spent my lifetime feeling small. Insignificant. Not adding value to my community. Until I saw my true self through these sessions. I've seen OUR true selves. And we are amazing friends. We are infinite. We are the true love and light of God/Source/All That Is. When we are not in these bodies there is no competition. No jealousy or self deprecation. We all have divine purpose. The human experience is full of wonderful lessons. Learning opportunities. Choice points. Some hard. Some immensely rewarding. It's the opportunity to grow and mature as souls. Together. Let's embrace this opportunity. Together. Grow, flourish, succeed, rise, and overcome. Together. Support each other. Support yourself. And if you reach a block, contact me and I will help you connect with your true magnificence. Because you deserve to see that in yourself.

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