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I, Jennifer Stone, evoke my birthright as a sovereign being of light. I stand firmly in my freewill and resilience to reclaim all of my energy and soul shards. I am fully restored. Integrated and healed, I look to my sacred fire to purify my body, heart, aura, and lineage. Renewed. Awakened. I accept my responsibility to share my awareness through frequency, words, pictures, and symbols. These are my contribution to the 5th World of Peace. To share my love for the Earth and all of her beauty, her love for us. To be a living example that the natural way of living is not only possible, but paradise. Here on this Earth, embodied. At peace with myself and every being around me. Seen and unseen. I walk this Earth with golden footprints. Leaving light codes as my trail. You will find me in harmony with my environment and inherently infusing that harmony throughout my community. I am the richness that fuels osmosis. I am the peacemaker. I am the peacekeeper. My ancestors walk with me in solidarity as we assist in the Great Awakening. Through our love for all creature-kind we spark memories of the forgotten and bring them back into awareness. No one is left behind this time. There is no war to fight. There is no system to crash. There is no resistance. There is only the reality that we cocreate. Together. We join hands and leap without fear into the unknown. We have done this together hundreds of times. There is no danger. There is only creation. At its most basic form. Our hearts and spirits connected as one. Aho.

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Herminia Florimon
Herminia Florimon
Jul 12, 2023

Thank you, Jen. Really, Beautiful and Inspirational 😀🙌✅

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