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May we talk for a minute about time?

As I was leaving the house yesterday to go to the office my thoughts turned to my memory. I have a fairly good memory and just letting my train of consciousness flow it occurred to me that there's no real distinction between my short term and long term memory. Yesterday feels the same as when i was 3 years old.

And I've suspected for the last few months (and just got validation last week during a great session with the amazing Andrew Bartzis) that an energy/resonance I am picking up on is not just past life impressions but interactions taking place in the future of this lifetime. The energy is very different than a premonition though - it's memories of the future. And as soon as that thought processed yesterday i saw the tape measure of time retract into the case and poof disappear.

We know time is not linear. Our past lives and future lives are taking place NOW. But what if we're also bringing the past and future of this life into the moment of NOW. I mean I knew this but it finally clicked. There is no past. There is no future. There is this unlimited moment in time or no time to experience.

What is your perspective on time?

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