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Start Sharing the Magic

I don't say much about what I do but I think I'm going to change that.  Because I love what I do and how everything is opening more and more.

This might be long:

On Thursday (which was the 3 year anniversary of my dog Buddha passing) I received a call from a lady grieving the recent loss of her soulmate dog, Oliver.  She asked me to do a medium session for her with him.  I started to tell her I don't do that and refer her to a friend that does but she stopped me and said it had to be me.  So I agreed figuring that if I didn't feel good about what I received for her I just wouldn't charge her and refer her to Kelly (who is amazing btw).  So I saw her (and Oliver 🐾) and her other dog Sophia yesterday.  And I connected so easily with Oliver.  And Sophia.  And the puppy they brought home today.  I was able to answer her questions and, most importantly, give her comfort.  I did energy work on Sophia too and she left happy and waggily tailed.  Sophia got to tell her mom what she wanted and needed.   I was honestly very grateful that I let myself stretch outside of the labels I have boxed myself in.  And after they left I walked back to my painting studio to do a pour before I went home.  I love the pours because whatever is in my field at the time comes through the paint.  And in this one...paw prints.  Which warms my heart to see Oliver showing himself here.

(Not to be left out there's also Pegasus and a dragon and an angel in the painting which also showed up in an earlier session yesterday).

I suppose the lesson for me is to stop hiding the magic.  Because it's there for everyone once we open our eyes, minds and hearts to it.   Now let's all go hug out pets because they're even more amazing than we thought.

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